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In the atmosphere of the days of the August Revolution, we return to the homeland revolutionary Tan Trao (Tuyen Quang) history. 69 years have passed since the fall of 1945, Tan Trao now has changed a lot, become a social movement leader in the new rural construction of Tuyen Quang.
Tan Trao (Son Duong district) was the venue for many important events of the country. May 1945, Uncle Ho from Cao Bang, Tuyen Quang to direct the revolutionary movement. Tan Trao who chose as the capital liberated area, home base of the national revolution. Here, the event took place significant historical decision victory of the August Revolution in 1945 such as the national conference of the Party cadres; decide the general uprising to seize power in the country; establishment of a national uprising Committee, the Military Order No. 1; Nationalist Congress meeting at Tan Trao family, Tan Trao commune elected national liberation Commission interim government ie by Uncle Ho as President; provisions of the national flag, ca ...
Tan Trao to this day, can see obvious changes. 100% of communal roads, the main roads are asphalted commune; 80% of rural roads, rural and 50% associated infield road concreted.
Next we in the temporary office of the social capital of the library, because the office work of the CPC is under construction, Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa, Chairman Tan Trao (born 1978) who was studying abroad in the UK with a degree in MBA, specialized in human resources management, shared: Tan Trao commune revolutionary tradition and is one of the 3 communes represent 3 regions in the country, President Truong Tan Sang patron of mobilizing resources for implementing the national target program on building new rural areas. Therefore, the Party and the nation in promoting social commitment "exterior forces" successfully built new rural areas as planned. To date, the Tan Trao gained 14/19 criteria of new rural standards. Later this year, strive to complete social add another 4 criteria.

One of the hallmarks of the program to build a new countryside in Tan Trao that is reducing poverty. In late 2012, the commune poverty rate to 16%, now reduced to 6%. According to CPC Chairman Nguyen Van Hoa Commune conducted recovered 5% of public land (about 10 hectares) to contracting for poor households lacking production land. Affairs also established cooperative Vinh Tan tea, fresh tea brand development. In 2013, the product of the cooperative tea Tam Vinh Tan has won the Gold Cup at the Festival copper tea buds Taiyuan. Thus, the price of tea was raised from 70,000 VND to 250,000 VND / kg. Besides, from funding support from the national target program on rural development, Tan Trao has built models of specialty crop farming; building new houses in the village culture; delete temporary housing for 230 households ...

Hoang Van Ngan family, ethnic Nung village fats (Tan Trao), is one of the social protection of poor drainage medium. Ngan Anh said: "Not only is training, production guidance, in 2010, my family is also supported by the State 1 buffalo breeding, after 4 years, Buffalo 2 Buffalo native place of children each child my family sold 10 million. In 2013, my family and the State is also now supports 32 million for housing. "

Sharing joy as his family is his family Ngan Hoang Van Lan Tay, Tan Lap Village, Tan Trao commune. Lan's family has just finished house floor 3 times, 2 bottles, $ 400 million; in which the State, businesses, individuals and organizations inside and outside the province to support 200 million. Apart from his family Lan, 10 other ethnic Tay families in Tan Lap village is also supported to preserve the reinforced concrete floor, wooden false; support totaling 1.7 billion, helping both to households in both combined tourism development. This conservation effort helped preserve the cultural identity of the people and tackling deforestation construction timber.

Tan Trao is firmly on the road to building a new countryside. Commune by 2015, will complete all the criteria of new rural construction, became one of the first communes of Tuyen Quang province achieve national standards of new rural construction, worthy of the traditional way Network fascinating land of honor to be selected as the Capital District liberation, resistance capital.

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