Tan Trao Tea Joint Stock Company.

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Head office : Tan Phu village - Son Duong town - Son Duong district -Tuyen Quang province.
Website      : http://www.tantraotea.com.vn
Email          : Che_tt@hn.vnn.vn / tantraotea@gmail.com
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Tan Trao Tea Joint Stock Company (Tan Trao Tea.JSC) was founded on 24/04/2009 from the State enterprise transformation. The company was established by merging two State Owned Enterprises which are: Tan Trao State Farm established in 12/1960 and Tan Trao Black Tea Factory founed in 01/1976
Tan Trao Tea JSC has over 55 years of experience in growing, production, processing tea for domestic consumption and export.
Besides, the company is located in a favorable geographical position in mountainous region of northern Vietnam where have an average elevation of 400-1000m is very suitable for the development of tea plants .
The Company’s structure:
Our company have a total of 1000 hectares of tea material areas, including
  -         600 hectares of tea material areas which are planted and managed by the company
   -         400 hectares of tea material areas which are invested in and planted by the farmer

We employ over 700 people
We have 2 tea processing factory with a capacity of 70 tonnes of fresh tea per day.
We also have Tan Kim Bac Limited Company as subsidiaries which specializes in manufacturing bricks with a production line of 4-6 million units per year.
Moreover, our 8 management teams are responsible in planting, tending and harvesting of fresh tea.
Product:Annual product is from 3500 tons to 4000 tons  for domestic consumption and export including    +Black tea OTD : OPA, OP, P, BOP, PS, BPS, F, TH, D……  +Hong Tra Tea :  produced from special seeds such as Kim Tuyen, Ngoc Thuy, Bat Tien, PT10, Khuc Van Tien , etc.. according to Taiwan traditional production lines and high technology.      ·          .Hong Tra Tan Trao 1     .Hong Tra Tan Trao 2   + Green tea :
 .Green tea ATK, Tan Tuyet Shan, Bat Tien, Special Tan Trao Tea…
  •  Green tea OP
  • Green tea Pekoe
  •  Green tea leaves BPS, F, D
  •    Geen tea Broken


Over 80 percents of the company’s product was exported to the following countries: Taiwan, Pakistan, Afghanishan, Sri Lanka, Russia etc.

From 2006 until now, the company has been continuously listed on the top and prestigious tea exporter in  Vietnam. With the target of “Tea product for public health”, we always set up the tea producing standard according to The Rainforest Alliance standards – a sustainanble agriculture production standard. Our business policy is “Reliability – Quality – Efficiency”
With our good product and professional service attitude, we always provide satifaction to the customer.

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